911 Safety Info

Emergencies don't happen very often.

But when they do, you want to get help fast.



What is 9-1-1?


Dialing 911 on your telephone is the fastest way you can get help for yourself or someone else when there is an emergency. Those three numbers can connect you to the fire department, the police, or an ambulance.


When to Call 911


The only time you should call 911 is if a person is badly hurt or in danger right now!

  • Can you call 911 if there's been a car accident?    Yes!
  • Should you call if you see a crime, like someone hurting someone else or breaking into a person's house?    Of course!
  • What if someone suddenly seems very sick and is having a hard time speaking or breathing or turns blue?   Call right away!
  • What if someone collapses or passes out? Absolutely call!
  • What if someone's house is on fire?       Definitely call!


Sometimes people are confused about when to call an emergency number like 911. These are examples of when NOT to call:

  • you can't find your favorite toy or your homework from last night
  • your cat got into a fight with another cat
  • your brother or your friend dares you to call
  • you have a hangnail


NEVER call 911 as a joke or just to see what might happen. When the emergency dispatcher has to take the time to talk to people who don't have a real emergency, other people who call and do need help right away might have to wait. And when you call 911, the operator can tell where you're calling from.



Things to do when you call 911:

  • Make sure you are safe before you call 911
  • Stay calm
  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • Know the location and address of where you are
  • Know the phone number
  • Know what happened and who needs help
  • Follow the dispatcher's instructions
  • Do NOT hang up until the dispatcher tells you to


Source: KidsHealth.org  

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