Animal Safety

Dog Safety for Students:

On the way to School:

If you see a dog, behind a fence, on a leash or running loose, LEAVE THE DOG ALONE. Walk away. Never try and catch a loose dog!

 Stay quiet and calm. Loud voices and fast movements may excite the dog.

 If you are near a crossing guard, ask the guard to contact animal control.

 If the dog comes near you, stand still like a tree and give yourself a hug. Be boring.

 If the dog jumps on you, drop to the ground like a turtle with your hands behind your neck.

Dog safety at Bus Stops:

 If there is a loose dog at the bus stop, ask the bus driver or a parent standing with the students to call animal control. DO NOT TRY TO CATCH THE DOG!

 If a parent walks a dog to the bus stop, give the dog space. Even a friendly dog can knock you over. A scared or excited dog can bite.

 Remain calm and quiet around the dog.

Dog Safety in the School Yard:

 If you see a loose dog, stop playing and get slow and boring.

 Walk to a teacher and ask to have the office call animal control.

 TEACHERS AND OFFICE STAFF: your duty for the safety of students is to bring students inside and call animal control immediately. Do not brush this off. Loose dogs on school property are a risk to students and staff.

Never approach a stranger and ask to pat a dog. Always have a grown up with you. Never go with anyone who asks for help looking for a dog or who says he/she has a puppy to show you. If this happens, inform an adult as soon as you get to school or



Dog Bite Prevention Activity

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