ATV Safety

Safe Kids USA recommends that until children are fully licensed under state law to operate a motor vehicle, they should not operate or ride as passengers on ATVs of any size, including youth ATVs. ATVs are difficult to operate, and children under 16 do not have the cognitive and physical capabilities to operate ATVs safely. While ATVs in some cases support a family‚Äôs livelihood, the death and injury risks their use poses to children is too great.


Parents and caregivers should note that the most of ATVs are designed to carry only an operator, with no passengers. Although helmets are important, they may not provide sufficient protection in ATV crashes.


A child 16 or older who is licensed to operate motor vehicles and would like to operate an ATV should take a hands-on safety training course and always follow safety guidelines.


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ATV Safety Institute




4-H ATV Safety

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