Motor Vehicle Safety

Cars are dangerous places for children.  Whether the vehicle is in motion and at risk for a collision, the vehicle is parked and could cause death if a child is left in a hot car, or a child is playing in the driveway and is at risk for being backed over, everyone can help to keep children safe around motor vehicles!


Wisconsin is behind the national average on seat belt usage!  Do your part…BUCKLE UP!




  • Currently, Wisconsin's safety belt use rate is approximately 85 percent, which is one of the lowest in the nation (44th out of 50 states)
  • A 10 percent increase in safety belt use would save about 44 lives and prevent 650 injuries in Wisconsin each year. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)



  • Teachers can teach students about the importance of seat belt usage.
  •  Teach children under the age of 13 that they should ride in the back seat of a vehicle because it is the safest spot for their smaller body frame.
  •  Children under 80 lbs.and less than 4' 9" tall should ride in the appropriate car/booster seat.  Teachers could provide parents with these guidelines and refer them to additional resources on car/booster seat safety. (For more booster seat information, click here.)
  •  Educate students to not stay in the car when their parents leave.  Tell parents to check to make sure that all children are out of the car after they park it so a child is not left behind.
  •  each students that the driveway is NOT a safe place for them to play..


Additional Resources on Motor Vehicle Safety


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Community Resources:


Check out your local health departments and hospitals for car seat checks!



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