Outdoor Safety

Beautiful summer weather brings children playing outside and families taking camping trips.  Check out the tips below to keep your family safe!


Keep your children safe while playing outdoors:

  • Play areas should be fenced with no doors to roads or bodies of water.
  • Play areas should not have piles of firewood or yard waster that snakes, bugs or other vermin may like. 
  • Play areas should be free of air conditioners, lawn tools, and lawn mowers.
  • Check play areas for poisonous plants.
  • Play equipment should be checked for sharp edges or bolts sticking out. S-hooks on the equipment should be completely closed.
  • Keep pets and trash out of sandboxes.
  • Play areas with surface materials such as shredded rubber, wood chips, and sand can reduce injuries.
  • Do not allow children to wear clothing that could cause strangulation when playing on playground equipment.
  • Explain how to use equipment properly to children.
  • Never leave a small child unattended.


Safe Camping Tips:

  • Prepare healthy and safe food
         -Pack foods in tight, waterproof bags/containers
         -Keep food in insulated cooler
         -Separate raw foods from cooked foods
         -Cook foods to proper temperature
         -Chill food quickly
  • Practice fire safety
         -Dig or use a small pit away
    from overhanging branches. 
         -Circle the pit with rocks or use a metal fire ring. 
         -Clear a five-foot area around the pit from things that may start on fire. 
         -Keep a bucket of water and a shovel nearby. 
         -Stack extra wood away from the fire upwind.
         -Do not throw away or get rid of a match until it is cold. 
         -Always have someone watching the fire.
  • Protect children from the sun/heat by:
         -Seeking shade whenever possible
         -Covering up
         -Wearing a hat
         -Wearing sunglasses
         -Applying sunscreen
  • Protect children from bug bites by:
         -Using bug spray.
         -Wearing long sleeves and pants when the weather permits.
          -Be aware of peak mosquito hours when the sun rises and sets.
  • Bring first aid supplies for possible blisters, scratches, and other injuries.
  • Bring bottles of water for safe drinking water.
  • Prepare for temperature changes by bringing correct clothing and equipment.
  •  Teach kids how to look for landmarks at campsite and on hikes incase they get lost.
  • Teach kids about plants that cane make them sick by showing them pictures.


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