Sports Safety

Sports and summer go hand-in-hand.  Playing sports can be fun, but they can also be dangerous if you and your children are not careful. Kids may not be able to assess the risks of certain sports activities the same way adults do.  Because of these reasons sports safety should be on everybody's mind!


Before your child participates in sports:

  • Have them get a physical to make sure they are in healthy and are able to play sports.
  • Buy them the proper shoes, gear and equipment
  • Educated them on Drinking lots of water
  • Warm up and stretch


Sports Injury Prevention:

  • Make sure children are wearing correct safety gear every time they play and that they are putting it on the right way.
  • Check playing surfaces for safety hazards such as pot holes or ruts before sporting activities.
  • Make sure there is adult supervision during sports activities.
  • Make sure your child knows the rules of the game and is prepared to play.


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