Wheeled Sports Safety

Bikes, scooters, skateboard, & roller skates/blades 


  They all have WHEELS! 


They can be dangerous if the riders do not play it safe. 


Check out our safety tips to make sure you always have a safe ride!



Safety Tips:


Wear a helmet each and EVERY time you ride a bike, scooter, skateboard, or roller skates/blades.


  • Helmets protect your head and brain from injury in a crash.  Even famous athletes wear helmets when they are playing sports!


Make sure your bike is the right size by making sure your feet touch the ground when sitting on the seat. 


 Learn the rules of the road before riding on them!


  • Ride single-file with traffic.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  • Use hand signals if you are going to stop or turn.
  • Stop and look left–right–left again before entering a street.
  • Walk your bike across an intersection.
  • Watch out for blind spots.
  • Stay alert for things that could make you fall off your bike.
  • Inspect your bike often.


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